What we do

Working to protect the environment for the future

Environmental Remediation

We identify, characterize, monitor and remediate contaminated groundwater, surface water, and waste sites. 

Waste Management

We manage, characterize, package and ship waste offsite for permanent disposal. 

Environmental Remediation 

A major part of the Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract is cleaning up old waste sites, including demotion of contaminated facilities, monitoring those sites, monitoring groundwater beneath LANL, monitoring surface water that as it travels across laboratory property, as well as mitigating the impact of past operations to humans and the environment.

Remediation of waste sites includes very small, individual waste sites, to Material Disposal Areas, which are larger areas where contaminated materials were disposed during the Manhattan Project and Cold War years.

The Chromium and Royal Demolition Explosive (RDX) projects are examples of efforts to remove contaminated materials from groundwater and prevent its migration offsite. 

More information on many of the remediation projects managed by N3B is provided below. Additional material will be posted as it is available.


Chromium Project

Control migration of the chromium plume and reduce the plume footprint, while investigating the final remedy

Material Disposal Areas

Continue to protect the Northern New Mexico environment and water quality by managing and cleaning up Material Disposal Areas, where contaminated material from past LANL operations was disposed

Royal Demolition Explosive Project

Ensure RDX groundwater contamination from past LANL operations does not threaten human and environmental health

Technical Area 21

Clean up of TA-21, next to Los Alamos’ industrial area, to environmental standards while making  the land available for other beneficial uses

Waste Management Project 

Most of the waste managed by N3B is contact-handled transuranic (TRU) waste generated during past laboratory operations and stored at Technical Area 54. N3B is responsible for retrieving, characterizing packaging and shipping this waste for permanent disposal at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), the national TRU repository in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

N3B is also responsible for disposing of the waste it retrieves during the cleanup and remediation of waste sites or generates during sampling and monitoring or other remediation activities. Some of this waste may be TRU, and it will be shipped to WIPP for disposal. Hazardous or mixed waste will be shipped to licensed facilities for permanent disposal.

Descriptions of some of N3B’s waste management activities are provided below. Others will be posted as they are available. 

Area G & TA-54

Store, remediate and ship LANL’s above-ground legacy transuranic waste to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant


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